The FALAK Story
Matco Foods  launched FALAK® Basmati Rice with a vision to make it the premier rice brand, preferred and consumed by all people globally. Consistent quality and satisfaction is guaranteed on every purchase as this promise is central to our business values.Today FALAK® Basmati Rice is available in more than 40 countries worldwide and is preferred by food connoisseurs everywhere. 

What is Basmati? 
The word Basmati origins from ancient Sanskrit and translates literally as "The Fragrant One". The words "Bas" means aroma, while "Mati" can be translated as a queen or a princess. Like Bordeaux wines, Parmigiano cheese, Champagne and Shiraz Carpets, Basmati is a geographical indicator, grown only in the Punjab region covering Pakistan and India. 

The Basmati variety of rice is called the “King of Rice” with an undisputed supremacy across the world. Basmati grows only in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the region of Punjab. The rice has a unique aroma, extra length, slender grain, high nutritional value, low fat content, and fluffy texture and lengthens two to three times upon being cooked. Basmati is aged for six to twelve months, enhancing its famous aroma and taste, minimizing rice stickiness and is then enjoyed by food connoisseurs around the globe.

The Recipe
After procuring the best basmati crop, FALAK® Basmati Rice then undergoes a meticulous automated pre-cleaning process to ensure that every grain is free from dust particles, stones and weevils. Processed at one of the world’s most modern rice processing plants, each grain of FALAK® Basmati Rice is chosen carefully, and has to be at least 7.3mm long with its tips intact. The rice is then aged for a period of nine to eighteen months at Matco’s warehouses, known for their stringent quality standards.

FALAK® Basmati Rice is a cause to celebrate the ˜flavours of life everyday with an aroma that goes beyond the borders of cultures and nations, enhancing the ˜flavour of cuisines in every kitchen, restaurant and occasion.


Make everyday meals more delicious and healthy!

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